Interior design, romantic era?

Yes, you read it correctly. In existence since 1975, OFFICE EQUIPMENT, a turnkey design and execution company has seen it all.

img_0887There was no auto cad. No photo shop. No 3D tools. All this was done on a drawing board, and not on a desk top.The creativity of the designer, his imagination dictated the boundaries of his creation.3d images were drawn by hand challenging the most creative designers. Rendering was done by hand, took ages. It was creation of interiors by the sweat of your brows literally. Furniture? No internet , nothing to plagiarize from. Nothing to cannibalize.

Each change suggested by the client was total redo ! The romance lay in getting it right the first time! Then came along modern tools, making interior designing easier, 3D presentations simpler.yet the final outcome is STILL the creativity of the designer. Work which took weeks earlier, now can be done in days. Making changes is no longer a hair tearing experience! No wonder now the biggest names in designers, hire younger designers but who are TOTALLY computer literate.

I wonder what next? Robots designing interiors ?


The role of colour iN INTERIOR DESIGN is almost the interior design itself! Many many years back the most experimental interior designer and client never went beyond a solid colour on any one wall, preferably the one most looked on, reception maybe. Or hang a couple of paintings and throw in plants to ADD COLOUR. This served the purpose to a limited extent and is still in vogue today, but not to add colour, only to create an effect.

we at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, have learnt that to really add colour without making it obvious is to work from flooring up. In one of my earlier blogs, I had mentioned that the colour and material of the flooring decides the rest of the INTERIORS. It was true then it is true now. There are carpet tiles, which can be mixed and matched. Maybe grey for walkways and Blue towards the sides.chairs could have a blue back ( knitted) . The work stations can have a touch of grey panels and blue fabric on pinup boards. This is what I meant by creating an ambiance of colour for an office, A colour themed office. Here the role of an INTERIOR DESIGNER IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. A sheer white ceiling is hurting to the eyes, add to it lights and the effect is worse. Try adding a touch of mushroom colour to the ceiling and voile! You change the entire ambiance! Most interior designers like to play with light to either add colour or highlight a painting.For example highlighting a cove in the ceiling with a yellow light is acceptable but using a track light with yellow lights to highlight a painting is a strict no no, if the general lighting is daylight! A mix of two colours in the same room( lighting) to me is garish and not acceptable, Paints like Oikos,on the other hand add colour and elegance to any INTERIOR DESIGN.

Then again the role of an interior designer cannot be over stressed. It is important to choose an INTERIOR DESIGN firm carefully too. The trend of using coloured lacquer glass, deck wooden flooring for interior walls, artificial grass on walls, scares me. After all we are designing an INYERIOR OF AN OFFICE , not a barbers shop or a toilet!

colours should be subtle not loud, pleasing and not crying for attention. No wonder then that colours are what INTERIOR DESIGN is all about,


Renovation of an old office, is perhaps the most difficult task for any interior firm.The parameters are laid out, boundaries defined and the client hellbent in spending an absolute minimum, as it is ONLY A RENOVATION. We at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, fully understand and respect these parameters.The best way would be to ENHANCE the looks by changing the colours of the walls,introduce wall Papper , bright paints ,and make the premises brighter. Nothing like a bright cheerful office to help one forget the old one.In case of a new interior, it would be easier to do so.Bring in natural light, add greens an lo and behold, no would believe that it is the old office renovated! Work station laminated can be replaced without disturbing the internal structure or configuration . We at OFFICE EQUIPMENT have successfully carried out such renovations. indeed, it is a pleasure to see the smile on the clients face to see a totally renovated office yet retaining its original soul.


Renovation of an existing office is perhaps the hardest thing to do. More challenging than making a new office.
More challenging than carrying out a TURNKEY INTERIOR.
In a renovation, options are limited by the existing boundaries of space. The client does not always want a drastic renovation. Tearing down, making anew, is furthest from his mind. OFFICE EQUIPMENT, an interior turnkey company has this in mind. By a judicious selection of colours, wall papers, enhancement of lights, a complete new look can be achieved. To an outsider, it will appear as a new interior work. Not look as though it is only a make over!
We, at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, have come across such situations, and successfully achieved the desired results.
The false ceiling colours can be changed, the walls, if already paneled , can have wall Papper fixed on them. Brighter lights can replace old lights. Where ever possible, natural light should be allowed to come in. Green indoor plants give the desired ambiance. Who says that RENOVATION OF AN EXISTING OFFICE CANNOT MATCH A NEW ONE!


img_0887so much has been written on office interiors, interior decoration, and the like, that it appears that everyone has become an expert on interiors. we at office equipment a turnkey interior company, since 1975, have learned, and are still in the learning process. This refers primarily to the fast introduction of materials,both for interior and exterior purposes. the application of these materials in an appropriate manner,and to gain full product knowledge. This in itself is no easy task.Thanks to manufactures representatives, and suppliers, they help make the task easier. But you are on your own when it comes to designing and coordinating the colour schemes.

Herein, is the difference between domestic interiors and office interiors. builder flats, designer floors, look the same,materials used are the same and creativity is limited. Boring! It would be rather difficult to find any two offices look the same.This is achieved by using different materials, at different places, made easy by the large selection of materials available,product knowledge acquired . Limited only by ones own imagination! I am not getting into the various aspect of office interiors, various areas, as this has been dealt with earlier. Natural materials like stone,marble,granite, have always been around. what has changed is the design element, the combination of these materials, in what proportion, and the availability of Italian marble, which has made the use of Indian granite almost redundant.

with a heavy heart I must admit the extensive use of dry partitions made out of gypsum, out of considerations of cost and speed,has taken a toll in creativity. True, one can use imaginative paints,granular effects, but give me the good old solid partitions with glass any day.


The importance of floor covering in an INTERIOR DESIGN, cannot be over emphasized, or understated. We at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, an INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM , call it floor covering and not simply flooring because of the concept of a warm shell space. In recent years, builders, have started renting out spaces, without any flooring, ceiling(false) and call it a warm Shell. The reason for this is simple enough, but the name WARM SHELL, I don’t understand.

The reason is because the client would want to have a flooring of his choice, install the race ways, conduits, under the floor. Makes sense,as there is no wastage in cutting the builder laidimage floor, and then redoing it with different materials.

In INTERIOR DESIGN, the choice of flooring materials is enormous. Vitrified tiles, is perhaps the commonest choice as it has numerous sizes, colours, and easiest to lay. A good tile from a good company will give straight grooves, without the use of spacers.

Then there are Indian marbles, Indian granites which have to be judicially selected as matching colours, shades are a little difficult to get. Ensure you work out the exact quantity at one go.

Then there is the proverbial Italian marble! Why proverbial? Because Italy may have no more marble left but India is flush with it. Italian or Iranian? More on this later! The so called builder flats, because of their bulk purchases, and highly reduced cost the market is flush with 16 mm thick material against much needed 19 mm. Be prepared to pay one and a half times the cost for 19 mm thickness. This thickness is important for repolishing and stair cases.

we have digressed from the topic. The flooring design, Colour dictates the Colour, style of the upholstery. So keep the flooring light and with as few veins as possible. This will give you greater flexiblity in creating the desired ambiance of the interior. Remember the days when the flooring was ordinary CRAZY design in white cement? This type of flooring itself limits choices in creating the desired ambiance.

Remember the days of carpeting? Well, I am speaking of Rolled up carpets. They surved their purpose well. But gathered dust, stained easily and that was that! Then came the tiled carpets,which gave the must needed replacement to rolled carpets. Tiles could be changed, when stained ( ensure enough spares) and the geometrical design is a designers dream.

Finally, there are very interesting recycled rubber flooring which fit into each other like a Lego! This makes for excellent gym flooring and canteen areas.

This is why the role of floor covering in an interior cannot be overemphasised!


What is the first thing that catches your attention when you enter an office? It is of course its interior. Designing an office according to your taste and profession is tricky. If you wish to make your company look professional and presentable, it is must that the interior of the office spreads the message itself to new and regular clients.

Interior Design Company help to Setup an OfficeFor companies in Delhi, it is must to get impressive interior design service to stay competitive in the tough business environment of the NCR. Hiring superior interior fit out companies in Delhi could be an excellent idea. Consult a reputed one that has years of experience in interior design services like It is a leading interior design agency in Delhi NCR, have been worked for a number of companies in the city. It is expert in customizing your according to your needs and budget. It is true that when you think of design or redesign your office, budget comes first in your mind. You may easily tempt to cut costs and involve in DIY enhancement. But you should not forget that investment in interior design for your office will not go vain. It helps to build your reputation. Hiring a professional interior design agency will allow you to get your dreamed office. At you find relief from all the hassles of setting up an office systematically and professionally.

Space Planning

Space PlanningThis is the foremost thing or the basic step. The process is done under the observation and guidance of the client and as per survey of the site. The latest 3D technology is used to feature how your future office will look.


Coordinating the furniture with the interior of the office is necessary. According to your comfort and space, furniture setup is decided. Slim and comfortable chairs are selected for office furnishing. Adjustment of furniture is made in the way that makes office look spacious.


From wall colour to furniture colour, all are selected keeping in mind your profession. For example, if a restaurant theme is retro, colours are used that present retro look. A survey is made to know the retro themes and colours to offer the authentic look that you have been longing for….

Time Limit

No matter how big a project is, the prime of a devotional interior design agency is to offer quality work under the given time limit.

These are some top qualities of a professional interior design agency to setup an office according to your desire.


It has always been said, “The first impression is the lasting impression”. When it comes to your office, the front desk reception is the area that plays an important role in building impression. It also sends the right and positive message to your clients and employees. Carefully design this area to give it more functional, professional and stylish look. There are various design elements such as colour, layout, material and branding can enhance the reception ambience.

Here are sharing some important and interesting tips to renovate your front desk area …

  • img_0022Decide the overall look and feel you wish to get for your reception. Ideally, the style or design is based on the taste of clients. They may need sleek, imposing, cozy or creative look. What actually they want? It is necessary to know.
  • Make the reception desk the centre of attraction. Its shape, style and size will help you decide many of your other décor choices. Set the desk at an angle that it faces the entry door to offer friendly and greeting atmosphere.
  • Choose the material for your prime furnishing at a time to get a cohesive look. Durable, appealing and comfortable furniture should be considered. Invest in choosing the sofa fabric which is resistant to stain. A leather sofa could be an excellent choice. Go with wood laminated cabinets to provide a warmer appeal.
  • Adjust chairs in the way that they cannot obstruct the traffic, primarily near the office cabins and the desk.
  • It is important to decide in advance on adjusting visible clutter. It can make your front office look dull. Adjust low shelving under the desk to provide room for office equipment. Place the garbage box behind the door.
  • Carefully choose the colour of your office reception. The colour scheme is based on the overall furnishing like acrylic, curtains, flooring, furniture etc… Neutral and light colours are considered by many offices. Decide what you want for your office reception.
  • Make sure the front desk area has proper light. Use LED light to enhance the ambience and it is environment and budget friendly.
  • If the area has room to décor, you can use indoor plants to accessorize it.

Likewise there are many ideas for Turnkey office interiors. Consult an expert interior design agency to get the best service. Such agency is expert in decorating offices according to your choice, budget and standard.



As interior designers and interior furnishers, we have made a distinct differences between a board room, a conference room, a meeting room and a huddle room.

yesteryears saw no differences. Yet most of them would be satisfied with a conference area which would serve as a multi purpose room. Lunch room Included!

No longer so. It is a matter of pride to have all four rooms for different purposes. Why not if budget allows it.

BOARD ROOMS , as the name suggest is the most talked about. It is the meeting place of the high and might who directly or indirectly controlled the company. The Interiors reflect it. Sound proof walls, with wooden panels, or fabric or a combination of both. Great acquistics! Video conferencing with concealed equipment. Mikes hidden in table. Images reflected on led projector and screen, projectors which conceal in the ceiling.

Grand table with polyurethane coated top,grander chairs, with pure leather. Who could ask for more?

The location? Because of the nature of the room, board rooms are generally situated near the chairman’s area. Less foot prints, less noise and not accessible to all.

The conference room, is the humbler cousin.

The interiors are less ostentatious, yet elegant. The walls are also sound proof, the ceiling is generally a mixture of gypsum and fiber mineral tiles. Not much different from the Board room ceiling. Maybe a couple of coves thrown in for good measure. This I don’t understand as a great lighting effect can also be achieved without coves! Coves are probably for indirect lighting, maybe a yellow light? As the conference room is widely used by the senior staff, it has a large table, the proverbial video conferencing facilities and of course projection screen and projector with auto lift. It is not only the size that distinguishes it from the board room. Most Board rooms have auto dimmers for lights, this is rare for a conference room. The chairs are another difference, with upholstery not of leather, but more humble fabric. Another major difference is flooring, while a plush carpet is the material of choice in the Board room, wooden flooring is more widely used in a conference room.

Meeting rooms, as the name suggests, are for meetings for mundane matters and used by all. The staff and managers. Projection screens are a must but video conferencing , generally is not available. Interestingly, for senior visitors , waiting in the meeting room is not uncommon. Still senior visitors are asked to wait in the conference room.

The humbler ones in the huddle room and lesser mortals in the reception! You can judge for yourself, which category you belong to.

The great huddle room, so called because you literally huddle together as it is rarely larger than a 4 to 6 seater. Yet elegantly done, with display projection provision, this is perhaps the most often used area. No wonder most firms have multiple huddle rooms. Interestingly, most firms give them individual personalities by naming them after rivers, or personalities. Next time you are asked to wait in the Ganga rest assured it is a huddle room!

image1Finally, all the board rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and huddle rooms add character to an organization, shows its culture, shows visitors where they belong without shouting out aloud.


vigyan-bhawanWe at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, have to our credit a couple of Auditoriums designed and executed by us.

What sets apart an auditorium design from say a conference room, board room or a meeting area?

There are many factors. For staters , the size. An auditorium to qualify as one , has a stage where any function can be held. Drama , dance or simple lecture. Generally, stage curtains are the rule rather than an exception.Stage lighting with dimmers, wooden flooring, are the accepted norms.

The general seating is arranged in pews ,similar to the movie halls, taking care that no one persons vision is obstructed.

The single most important factor is the SOUND, ECHO, and REVEBRATION. These should be totally absent. These are all easily achievable. There are acquistic materials for the walls, ceiling in addition to a good acquistic design.

we will not go into details of materials available or how to use these, as it could run into volumes.

we at OFFICE EQUIPMENT ensure that these materials are strictly used and the design form takes into consideration where curvatures are best suited. The false ceiling can be a mix of soft boards and sound proof linear tiles.Carpeting is must and should fit the contours of the steps snugly.

In the next blog, OFFICE EQUIPMENT WILL TAKE UP THE MATERIAL MIX TO TRULY make your auditorium a work of art!