This post is probably going to poke a stick in the hornets nest. Great! The public should know. At the outset let me put it straight. All architects dabble in interior design , where as not many interior designers can be called architects! While interior design forms a part of the curricula of architecture, interior designers do a very basic course in architect. What sets the hallowed breed of architects apart is their ability to convince their clients that they most things under one roof. Be it structural, air conditioning or the total design of the building or even the interior . Having got the project they then hand it to various specialties.

image1The interior designers on the other hand, are hired by the more enlightened client who wishes to keep architecture and interior design separate. This images is a good thing. The interior designers knows best where the fire place should be placed, positioning of furniture whether for a residence or an office. Arranging for the light points, plug points, and other interior elements. Where A niche is needed for a painting or a sculpture . An interior designers role begins after the four walls and the roof begins. We at office equipment an INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY think differently. We believe in a close collaboration between interior design and the architect. This has to start from day one,but unfortunately in India this very rarely happens. The interior designers are generally at the mercy of the hallowed architect who is the master of all he surveys! True, there are a few enlightened clients who realize each professionals role and allocate accordingly.

some of the better known business houses and residences in England realize this and after taking possession of the building from the architect , hand over the Interiors to an interior designer to do what he will, with occasional inputs from the owners.

In India, another breed has cropped up.They are simply called Project management consultants. In variably the consultants happen to be an internationally known chain or a locally hired one. They are generally the same people who have helped hire a premises for a client and do all the legal paper work. So far so good. These glorified people take it upon themselves to even short list architects or interior designers. Like a small consortium, where projects are distributed from a small short list. The cost? Who cares as long as the corporate bears it. Extra items? Not covered or forgotten? Who cares. The client has to clear all after certification by the Project consultant! Maybe the client is satisfied as it is a single window responsibility. Slowly things are changing. The client is more aware, more involved in the bidding process and tries to ensure that all items are covered in the original BOQ . I am confident that the interior designer will get his due and work hand in hand with the architect.

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