vigyan-bhawanWe at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, have to our credit a couple of Auditoriums designed and executed by us.

What sets apart an auditorium design from say a conference room, board room or a meeting area?

There are many factors. For staters , the size. An auditorium to qualify as one , has a stage where any function can be held. Drama , dance or simple lecture. Generally, stage curtains are the rule rather than an exception.Stage lighting with dimmers, wooden flooring, are the accepted norms.

The general seating is arranged in pews ,similar to the movie halls, taking care that no one persons vision is obstructed.

The single most important factor is the SOUND, ECHO, and REVEBRATION. These should be totally absent. These are all easily achievable. There are acquistic materials for the walls, ceiling in addition to a good acquistic design.

we will not go into details of materials available or how to use these, as it could run into volumes.

we at OFFICE EQUIPMENT ensure that these materials are strictly used and the design form takes into consideration where curvatures are best suited. The false ceiling can be a mix of soft boards and sound proof linear tiles.Carpeting is must and should fit the contours of the steps snugly.

In the next blog, OFFICE EQUIPMENT WILL TAKE UP THE MATERIAL MIX TO TRULY make your auditorium a work of art!

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