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This post is probably going to poke a stick in the hornets nest. Great! The public should know. At the outset let me put it straight. All architects dabble in interior design , where as not many interior designers can be called architects! While interior design forms a part of the curricula of architecture, interior designers do a very basic course in architect. What sets the hallowed breed of architects apart is their ability to convince their clients that they most things under one roof. Be it structural, air conditioning or the total design of the building or even the interior . Having got the project they then hand it to various specialties.

image1The interior designers on the other hand, are hired by the more enlightened client who wishes to keep architecture and interior design separate. This images is a good thing. The interior designers knows best where the fire place should be placed, positioning of furniture whether for a residence or an office. Arranging for the light points, plug points, and other interior elements. Where A niche is needed for a painting or a sculpture . An interior designers role begins after the four walls and the roof begins. We at office equipment an INTERIOR DESIGN COMPANY think differently. We believe in a close collaboration between interior design and the architect. This has to start from day one,but unfortunately in India this very rarely happens. The interior designers are generally at the mercy of the hallowed architect who is the master of all he surveys! True, there are a few enlightened clients who realize each professionals role and allocate accordingly.

some of the better known business houses and residences in England realize this and after taking possession of the building from the architect , hand over the Interiors to an interior designer to do what he will, with occasional inputs from the owners.

In India, another breed has cropped up.They are simply called Project management consultants. In variably the consultants happen to be an internationally known chain or a locally hired one. They are generally the same people who have helped hire a premises for a client and do all the legal paper work. So far so good. These glorified people take it upon themselves to even short list architects or interior designers. Like a small consortium, where projects are distributed from a small short list. The cost? Who cares as long as the corporate bears it. Extra items? Not covered or forgotten? Who cares. The client has to clear all after certification by the Project consultant! Maybe the client is satisfied as it is a single window responsibility. Slowly things are changing. The client is more aware, more involved in the bidding process and tries to ensure that all items are covered in the original BOQ . I am confident that the interior designer will get his due and work hand in hand with the architect.

Changing Trends in Interiors

Changing trends in interiorsOur company, OFFICE EQUIPMENT, dealing in interior fit-outs started in 1975. Since then till now, interiors have seen radical changes in terms of interior elements, colors, Materials and total ambiance.

Gone are the days when colorful round glass balls with liquid in them and silver tassels were used extensively as paper weights! For that matter, papers less offices are more or less the norms.

Gone are the days when heavy wooden furniture, fully lacquer polished bespoke the power of the corporate honcho.

True, in some cases this has made a comeback, without standing results. The good old false ceiling was time tested but time and labor consuming made out of wooden rafters, wooden strips, covered with chicken Mesh wire and finally coated with plaster of Paris. Gypsum board? Never heard of it. Mineral fiber tiles, metal slats, never heard of them!
Electrical fittings, to save on cost consisted of wooden troughs, with tubes fitted in them and prismatic louvers below.

As time went by and multinationals started coming to the country, needs changed, shape of buildings changed it was but natural that the interiors changed too. Time become the essence of a contract , space value shot thru the roof, fancy materials flooded the market, so much so that the latest materials available abroad became available in India spontaneously.

This gave the much needed choice for interior designers and clients to experiment with newer Themes. These themes lead to a brighter (thanks to innovations in electrical fittings) young looking, and more amiable interiors.

Time which remains the essence of a contract took on a new meaning. Large office interiors in the shortest of time. Thanks to readymade pick and install partitions, work stations, and chairs. The grand old false ceiling gave way to mineral tiles, slats, and ready made gypsum boards, tiles etc.

However, creativity took a back seat with almost all offices looking alike!
Sprinkling of lacquer glass. Tile carpeting, combined with vitrified tiles, modular work stations, scanty use of wood and polish, generous use of glass.

The biggest advantage?
Time saved! Such interiors needed frequent painting, maintenance heavy, but the time saved perhaps outweighed everything.
Future of interiors?
Difficult to visualize.
One thing is for sure, what with the age of computers, more and more people are working from homes.
Interiors? Now it is for you to choose!!


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Important Vastu Tips for Your Office

In Indian culture, Vastu is an important aspect of prosperity. Whether it is a home, factory and even an office, Vastu dosh (errors) should be avoided. It is an ancient principles based on various energy fields originating from different directions that influence economic growth and atmosphere. Today’s corporate interior design companies in Delhi and other metropolitan cities are offering this unique service. From choosing the right plot to designing interior of an office, in all things Vastu is considered by these interior designers. They prepare to offer special Vastu tips from experts and turn a simple office into a magnificent one.

Below are some important Vastu guidelines to follow for your office.

Construction : When it comes to selection of a plot for your office, it should rectangular or square. More open space of your plot should be in the north or east direction. Heavy structure of the building should be in the west and the south directions as these are negative zones. Equal height building construction is considered. Northeast, north or east are ideal directions for the slope of your building floor. Avoid to place a water tank in northeast direction which is not good in terms of Vastu. You can choose southeast direction for the tank. The staircase in the centre is not an ideal choice from the point of Vastu. The staircase should be in western or southern direction.

Office Interior : According to the principal of Vastu, it is always good to choose northeast direction to place the reception desk so that your receptionist sits facing east or north direction. Make sure the reception area is in northwest or northeast direction of your building. In the northeast direction, don’t make the sitting area but to place decorative items or temple. In the south direction of you building, build the office manager cabin. The manager should face north and sitting arrangement should be in southwest. The desk of the office manager should be rectangular according to Vastu. Your office staff sitting direction should be east or north. The sitting arrangement for workers should be avoided under beam. If there is no any option, it is good to cover the beam with faux ceilings. The accessories like safe should face southeast direction as well as the office pantry in the same direction. Light colours are ideal choice for offices. Encouraging painting can be considered to create office atmosphere cool and productive.

Will The Home Be The New Office for Smaller Companies?

corporate interior design companySmaller companies that often face tight budget have to make special plans for work management, production and savings. When it comes to setting up an office, such companies prefer to choose the place which is affordable. What about considering your home as the new office address? Don’t take the idea casually. It is a serious step on which you can think and initiate. These days, budget friendly companies are gradually started opting the idea of home office. It is truly a professional as well as smarter way. The best thing about it is that you can save a lot.

A big part of your investment goes on setting up of your office in a prime business hub of your city which is for a certain tenure and higher rental. But the concept of turning your home as an office is a smart way because it saves a lot and provides comfortable plus productive environment. If your home has a basement it can be utilized for home office. Even the smallest home space can customize or custom-tailored as per your personal tastes and work habits.

Measure the room and create a rough blueprint such as number of windows, doors, location of doors and windows etc… Plan how many electrical equipment you want to setup. Measure the area where you want to adjust big electronic machines like printing machines and server room.

The number of employees you want to adjust is also necessary to consider. Investment you would like to make is required to plan well. Hire a corporate interior design company when you are ready with your plan. Discuss your concept of home office with the designing agency briefly.

According to your room size, equipment and employee sitting arrangement, a 2D or 3D file is prepared by the interior designing agency to showcase your future office idea. You can get the best idea of how your home office will appear. Changes can be made in the file so that a final interior design will be ready to execute.

L or U shape desks are recommended that allows you to adjust multiple employees in a room. Today, floating shelves, hanging file frames, surge protectors, sleek file cabinets with safety locks, movable chairs and wall mountable cubbies are recommended to home offices in order to provide more space and modern looks. If the room height is bigger than the average height, a division can be setup that allows a good number of adjustment of employees.

What about the Offices of the Future?

CORPORATE INTERIOR DESIGNImagine the offices of future. If you compare 20th century and 21st century offices, remarkable changes can be seen. The concept of future office stands for using latest technology, eco-friendly atmosphere, comfort and modernity. You may find hard to imagine how your future office will appear but today’s interior designing agencies will help you a lot. They are expert in presenting corporate interior design in 3D or 2D format so that you can see how your future office will look.

A future office is a synonym of relaxing and productive environment. It is a place where work development takes place systematically with the use of high-end technology. Here are some highlights of modern or future corporate interior design.
Office Furniture:  For any office, furniture is a prime area of concern. Thousands of varieties of furniture are available to choose from. It means you have unlimited options in terms of colours, designs and styles. There are four different types of office furniture that most offices have to keep. File cabinets are available in leather, metal and wood with secure locks. Metal would be the best choice for long lasting use and lower maintenance. Do you want to choose corner desks, L-Shaped desks or executive desks? Huge varieties are offered for desks, choose according to your room size and corporate standard. Bookshelves are necessary for office file arrangement. A separate office file cabinet that arranges files digitally like modern library stores have can be the best choice. Select ergonomic chairs for your office to give utmost comfort and prevent sprains and injuries.
Technology: Today’s offices are embedded with modern technology. Gone are the days when offices had wirings that visible. Today, underground wiring is considered. Moreover, fire alarm system, automatic generator, sensor doors and high-end presentation tools are used. Wire free internet service to web conferences, make your office globally presentable.
Home Office:The concept home office is in demand these days. Such offices are cost effective and ideal for small companies. Interior designing agencies have welcomed the idea of home office and are helping small scale companies to set up a modern home office that will allow individuals to operate work from the comfort of home.

Adopt the idea of modern office. For this, you can get assistance from corporate designing agencies as they are mastered in designing smart or future offices. Take your passion of modern office ahead.

Modern Office Interior Design Ideas

Today, a comfortable and welcoming environment of an office stands for modern interior design. A sophisticated interior conveys a subtle impression about the values of the company. Also, it provides encouraging work environment to employees which improves work production. Traditional office interior and modern office interior, both are different concepts. Modern style offices have embraced the idea of collaboration by removing walls that once separated workers. Below are some modern office interior design ideas that will inspire you to choose a comfortable yet distinctive work culture.

Welcome Area :  The reception area will be decorated with lights and plants. It features a sleek reception desk and a comfortable sofa. Warm colours like light blue, pink and white can be considered which are not distracting or overwhelming. A huge transparent glass door with sensor can be considered in the welcome area. It makes the room spacious, open and bright. Artwork and company work values can be displayed in the reception. Along with comfortable seating arrangement, reading materials, smell fresh and refreshments should be arranged.
Work Clusters : To save on construction and restructure, today’s offices are adopting the idea of clusters of storage and desks which is known as system furniture. Different shapes and sizes available in system furniture to separate employee’s work area. Storage and desks hang from the partition walls that offer a separate space and able employees to talk with other within the cluster. Friendly work environment is tried to offer with modern clusters. Though, system furniture is not a new concept but with advancement of technology it is developing. These days, thinner walls, lighter colours and materials like Plexiglas are using to separate work area.


Conference Room

Conference Room

Conference Room: Today’s conference rooms are synonyms of modern, spacious and comfortable. It allows to seat more people at a time regardless the size of the room. Round, square, rectangle and triangle shaped tables give enough space to adjust a good number of chairs. Wood and glass tables are using, along with chrome legs which can make room spacious. A modern conference room has video conferencing, live project and conference call facilities.
The modern office concept is now efficiently providing by a professional and leading interior decorator in South Delhi. Such companies have a team of highly expert interior designers. They evaluate the office size and shape before recommending changes in the interior design. Ceilings, conference rooms, office cabins, furniture and electrical supports are offered at attractive prices.

Offices of The Future

A lot has been written on office of the present. They exist for all to see. What about the offices of the future? We at office equipment who have watched, designed, and created offices since 1975 can throw some light on this.
The office of the future will be minimalistic.. Straight lines, modular, bright and QUICK to occupy. Low cost offices, but with high value energy efficient systems in place. Instead of spending on frills, money will be spent on energy efficient lamps, auto occupancy related dimmers and energy efficient AC units.

It is a pity that structural glass facades are used, which all said and done are NOT conducive to Indian context, this adds tremendously to AC load as the heat reflection is marginal, in comparison with heat retention.
Measured quantities of water in the urinals, taps and Wc makes sense , but are cost related,
A food for thought is related to to the greatly increased traffic and hence commuting time.
Does the solution lie in working from the home? After all most work is done on line! Does this mean that most multinationals will prefer office spaces? Will the home be the new office for smaller companies?
This could be a reality BEFORE you search for your second office.!

Offices of The Future

Interiors, then, now and tomorrow.
This makes an interesting study,
And who better than us to tell it as we have been a part of the scene since 1975.
As we are primarily an office interior firm, the stress will be on offices, with a passing reference to residences.
The offices of old were interesting, designed to show money and power. Heavy wooden carvings on chairs, heavy tables with drawers without glides,and huge leather chairs with the person barely visible.
The storage units again were heavily made out of wood with cornices and polished to a great shine. The furniture spelled durability. No it was not to be confused with Antigue.
The richer the wood panelling, the heavier the furniture all pointed towards a company doing well!
Sink in carpets, was the rage,
And wall to wall carpeting defined areas.
Then came now. Yesterday’s concept ALMOST disappeared.
The carpets became modular, thinner, the heavy wood work gave way to polished vaneers,
Furniture started to come from China, Malaysia, glossier but light enough to be tossed around. Work station concepts arose. Vitrified tiles made their presence felt every where.
This resulted in a Brighter, younger looking office, with modern trappings, Lan, ups and Data trappings all concealed.
How much more futurist can we get? Your guess is as good as mine. We can be sure that energy saving green interiors will be the norm. They will be the rule. Automatic lights, blinds, futuristic toilets, in fact waste recycling cannot be ruled out.
This is of course if the office concept SURVIVES. With more and more computirasition, heavy traffic, and time spent in computing. People will opt to work from home! The home will be the new office.

Arranging Office Furniture & Role of Interior Decorators

Arranging office furniture is not as easy as it seems. A proper planning is required from selection of office furniture to arrangement. All things should be taken step by step. It is tricky but not impossible. During office makeover, furniture play a key role. The face of desks, size of desks, comfortable chairs and various other things are required to consider. A smart arrangement is required to make so that a good number of employees can able to start work development in an office area. Apart from that a complete professional and standard looks is required to provide. In office furniture arrangement, interior decorators are playing a pivotal role. They are specialized in designing corporate interior.

While arranging office furniture, it is must to know your goal of the arrangement. Do you want to adjust multiple employees in a room or do you want to give enough space to each employees by making separate cabins for them? Take your time to make the decision. Discuss the matter with your office heads and consider the size of your office and number of employees you want to adjust. Determine the size of your room and the size of the furniture. Measure the length and multiply the length of the room by the width of the room.

Decide the cabin you want to make. Do you want a separate cabin for different departments?

When you have a list of requirements is ready, contact a leading interior designer in South Delhi. Discuss your requirements and go through the agency demo work to know its work performance. Evaluate your needs. Take a look at the terms and conditions of the designing agency. If it is easy to understand and favourable, after that you can shortlist it. If the interior designing offers furniture service at wholesale prices, it is better to select the service. It saves a lot. There are a few professional interior designing agencies that have own furniture manufacturing house. It can offer extensive customized service and save your money. A solid investment is on furniture, if you are able to save on it, the interior decoration budget can be tolerated well. Compare the furniture arrangement and furniture price of at least 5-6 well-established designing companies of your town or city before you finalize the one. Comparison allows you to choose a professional interior designing agency. It saves your money and able you to take a well decision.

How to Convert a Simple Office Ambience to Attractive

Your office ambience tells a lot about your occupation standard and the condition of your company. It is the place to make impression among clients. A simple office can be transformed into a modern and attractive office. It doesn’t matter the size of the office. It is simply a trick to apply to turn your office beautiful as well as productive place. Here are some outstanding tricks to apply to turn your office beautiful.

Focus on Reception Area

Instead of focusing on the overall ambience of your office, it is nice to focus on reception area at first. It is your welcome area that should be relaxing and attractive. White, Pink, light blue and other types of light colours. Neutral colours show professionalism. It makes your office ambience more relaxing and welcoming. Place black, red or blue couch along with a sofa table. Decorate the reception area with indoor plants, pictures or company quotes etc…

Manager Cabin/CEO Cabin

The second thing that you need to change is the manager cabin or CEO cabin. A boss is always a boss. He/she should be well-presentable and in this his/her cabin ambience should be well-presentable. It shows the CEO professional attitude. The table, chair, wall decoration and table arrangement, all should be remarkable. Neutral colour wall painting can be applied. The cabin light should be in proper manner. If space is not a problem than the cabin size can be increased to adjust a small sofa so that small meetings or discussion could be taken inside the cabin.


There are several types of boardroom styles to choose from. A boardroom style is decided according to the size of the room. If the room size is big, a square table can be chosen. If it is small, a round table can be chosen. The room is well equipped with electronic gadgets like broadband, computers, projector etc…

Employee Cabins

An office is place where there are several departments where employees work. Electronic wiring, comfortable chairs and cabins are designed and arranged strategically.

Office interiors of an office are enhanced by interior designers. They are active in the field. They design office ambience as per your desire and able to give a highly professional looks. Various types of interior packages are offered that could be customized to meet one’s needs. It is wise to hire such designers to experience spectacular office ambience. Learn more about Office interiors, visit