As interior designers and interior furnishers, we have made a distinct differences between a board room, a conference room, a meeting room and a huddle room.

yesteryears saw no differences. Yet most of them would be satisfied with a conference area which would serve as a multi purpose room. Lunch room Included!

No longer so. It is a matter of pride to have all four rooms for different purposes. Why not if budget allows it.

BOARD ROOMS , as the name suggest is the most talked about. It is the meeting place of the high and might who directly or indirectly controlled the company. The Interiors reflect it. Sound proof walls, with wooden panels, or fabric or a combination of both. Great acquistics! Video conferencing with concealed equipment. Mikes hidden in table. Images reflected on led projector and screen, projectors which conceal in the ceiling.

Grand table with polyurethane coated top,grander chairs, with pure leather. Who could ask for more?

The location? Because of the nature of the room, board rooms are generally situated near the chairman’s area. Less foot prints, less noise and not accessible to all.

The conference room, is the humbler cousin.

The interiors are less ostentatious, yet elegant. The walls are also sound proof, the ceiling is generally a mixture of gypsum and fiber mineral tiles. Not much different from the Board room ceiling. Maybe a couple of coves thrown in for good measure. This I don’t understand as a great lighting effect can also be achieved without coves! Coves are probably for indirect lighting, maybe a yellow light? As the conference room is widely used by the senior staff, it has a large table, the proverbial video conferencing facilities and of course projection screen and projector with auto lift. It is not only the size that distinguishes it from the board room. Most Board rooms have auto dimmers for lights, this is rare for a conference room. The chairs are another difference, with upholstery not of leather, but more humble fabric. Another major difference is flooring, while a plush carpet is the material of choice in the Board room, wooden flooring is more widely used in a conference room.

Meeting rooms, as the name suggests, are for meetings for mundane matters and used by all. The staff and managers. Projection screens are a must but video conferencing , generally is not available. Interestingly, for senior visitors , waiting in the meeting room is not uncommon. Still senior visitors are asked to wait in the conference room.

The humbler ones in the huddle room and lesser mortals in the reception! You can judge for yourself, which category you belong to.

The great huddle room, so called because you literally huddle together as it is rarely larger than a 4 to 6 seater. Yet elegantly done, with display projection provision, this is perhaps the most often used area. No wonder most firms have multiple huddle rooms. Interestingly, most firms give them individual personalities by naming them after rivers, or personalities. Next time you are asked to wait in the Ganga rest assured it is a huddle room!

image1Finally, all the board rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms and huddle rooms add character to an organization, shows its culture, shows visitors where they belong without shouting out aloud.

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