It has always been said, “The first impression is the lasting impression”. When it comes to your office, the front desk reception is the area that plays an important role in building impression. It also sends the right and positive message to your clients and employees. Carefully design this area to give it more functional, professional and stylish look. There are various design elements such as colour, layout, material and branding can enhance the reception ambience.

Here are sharing some important and interesting tips to renovate your front desk area …

  • img_0022Decide the overall look and feel you wish to get for your reception. Ideally, the style or design is based on the taste of clients. They may need sleek, imposing, cozy or creative look. What actually they want? It is necessary to know.
  • Make the reception desk the centre of attraction. Its shape, style and size will help you decide many of your other décor choices. Set the desk at an angle that it faces the entry door to offer friendly and greeting atmosphere.
  • Choose the material for your prime furnishing at a time to get a cohesive look. Durable, appealing and comfortable furniture should be considered. Invest in choosing the sofa fabric which is resistant to stain. A leather sofa could be an excellent choice. Go with wood laminated cabinets to provide a warmer appeal.
  • Adjust chairs in the way that they cannot obstruct the traffic, primarily near the office cabins and the desk.
  • It is important to decide in advance on adjusting visible clutter. It can make your front office look dull. Adjust low shelving under the desk to provide room for office equipment. Place the garbage box behind the door.
  • Carefully choose the colour of your office reception. The colour scheme is based on the overall furnishing like acrylic, curtains, flooring, furniture etc… Neutral and light colours are considered by many offices. Decide what you want for your office reception.
  • Make sure the front desk area has proper light. Use LED light to enhance the ambience and it is environment and budget friendly.
  • If the area has room to décor, you can use indoor plants to accessorize it.

Likewise there are many ideas for Turnkey office interiors. Consult an expert interior design agency to get the best service. Such agency is expert in decorating offices according to your choice, budget and standard.


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