The importance of floor covering in an INTERIOR DESIGN, cannot be over emphasized, or understated. We at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, an INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM , call it floor covering and not simply flooring because of the concept of a warm shell space. In recent years, builders, have started renting out spaces, without any flooring, ceiling(false) and call it a warm Shell. The reason for this is simple enough, but the name WARM SHELL, I don’t understand.

The reason is because the client would want to have a flooring of his choice, install the race ways, conduits, under the floor. Makes sense,as there is no wastage in cutting the builder laidimage floor, and then redoing it with different materials.

In INTERIOR DESIGN, the choice of flooring materials is enormous. Vitrified tiles, is perhaps the commonest choice as it has numerous sizes, colours, and easiest to lay. A good tile from a good company will give straight grooves, without the use of spacers.

Then there are Indian marbles, Indian granites which have to be judicially selected as matching colours, shades are a little difficult to get. Ensure you work out the exact quantity at one go.

Then there is the proverbial Italian marble! Why proverbial? Because Italy may have no more marble left but India is flush with it. Italian or Iranian? More on this later! The so called builder flats, because of their bulk purchases, and highly reduced cost the market is flush with 16 mm thick material against much needed 19 mm. Be prepared to pay one and a half times the cost for 19 mm thickness. This thickness is important for repolishing and stair cases.

we have digressed from the topic. The flooring design, Colour dictates the Colour, style of the upholstery. So keep the flooring light and with as few veins as possible. This will give you greater flexiblity in creating the desired ambiance of the interior. Remember the days when the flooring was ordinary CRAZY design in white cement? This type of flooring itself limits choices in creating the desired ambiance.

Remember the days of carpeting? Well, I am speaking of Rolled up carpets. They surved their purpose well. But gathered dust, stained easily and that was that! Then came the tiled carpets,which gave the must needed replacement to rolled carpets. Tiles could be changed, when stained ( ensure enough spares) and the geometrical design is a designers dream.

Finally, there are very interesting recycled rubber flooring which fit into each other like a Lego! This makes for excellent gym flooring and canteen areas.

This is why the role of floor covering in an interior cannot be overemphasised!

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