img_0887so much has been written on office interiors, interior decoration, and the like, that it appears that everyone has become an expert on interiors. we at office equipment a turnkey interior company, since 1975, have learned, and are still in the learning process. This refers primarily to the fast introduction of materials,both for interior and exterior purposes. the application of these materials in an appropriate manner,and to gain full product knowledge. This in itself is no easy task.Thanks to manufactures representatives, and suppliers, they help make the task easier. But you are on your own when it comes to designing and coordinating the colour schemes.

Herein, is the difference between domestic interiors and office interiors. builder flats, designer floors, look the same,materials used are the same and creativity is limited. Boring! It would be rather difficult to find any two offices look the same.This is achieved by using different materials, at different places, made easy by the large selection of materials available,product knowledge acquired . Limited only by ones own imagination! I am not getting into the various aspect of office interiors, various areas, as this has been dealt with earlier. Natural materials like stone,marble,granite, have always been around. what has changed is the design element, the combination of these materials, in what proportion, and the availability of Italian marble, which has made the use of Indian granite almost redundant.

with a heavy heart I must admit the extensive use of dry partitions made out of gypsum, out of considerations of cost and speed,has taken a toll in creativity. True, one can use imaginative paints,granular effects, but give me the good old solid partitions with glass any day.

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