Offices of The Future

A lot has been written on office of the present. They exist for all to see. What about the offices of the future? We at office equipment who have watched, designed, and created offices since 1975 can throw some light on this.
The office of the future will be minimalistic.. Straight lines, modular, bright and QUICK to occupy. Low cost offices, but with high value energy efficient systems in place. Instead of spending on frills, money will be spent on energy efficient lamps, auto occupancy related dimmers and energy efficient AC units.

It is a pity that structural glass facades are used, which all said and done are NOT conducive to Indian context, this adds tremendously to AC load as the heat reflection is marginal, in comparison with heat retention.
Measured quantities of water in the urinals, taps and Wc makes sense , but are cost related,
A food for thought is related to to the greatly increased traffic and hence commuting time.
Does the solution lie in working from the home? After all most work is done on line! Does this mean that most multinationals will prefer office spaces? Will the home be the new office for smaller companies?
This could be a reality BEFORE you search for your second office.!