Offices of The Future

Interiors, then, now and tomorrow.
This makes an interesting study,
And who better than us to tell it as we have been a part of the scene since 1975.
As we are primarily an office interior firm, the stress will be on offices, with a passing reference to residences.
The offices of old were interesting, designed to show money and power. Heavy wooden carvings on chairs, heavy tables with drawers without glides,and huge leather chairs with the person barely visible.
The storage units again were heavily made out of wood with cornices and polished to a great shine. The furniture spelled durability. No it was not to be confused with Antigue.
The richer the wood panelling, the heavier the furniture all pointed towards a company doing well!
Sink in carpets, was the rage,
And wall to wall carpeting defined areas.
Then came now. Yesterday’s concept ALMOST disappeared.
The carpets became modular, thinner, the heavy wood work gave way to polished vaneers,
Furniture started to come from China, Malaysia, glossier but light enough to be tossed around. Work station concepts arose. Vitrified tiles made their presence felt every where.
This resulted in a Brighter, younger looking office, with modern trappings, Lan, ups and Data trappings all concealed.
How much more futurist can we get? Your guess is as good as mine. We can be sure that energy saving green interiors will be the norm. They will be the rule. Automatic lights, blinds, futuristic toilets, in fact waste recycling cannot be ruled out.
This is of course if the office concept SURVIVES. With more and more computirasition, heavy traffic, and time spent in computing. People will opt to work from home! The home will be the new office.