Renovation of an existing office is perhaps the hardest thing to do. More challenging than making a new office.
More challenging than carrying out a TURNKEY INTERIOR.
In a renovation, options are limited by the existing boundaries of space. The client does not always want a drastic renovation. Tearing down, making anew, is furthest from his mind. OFFICE EQUIPMENT, an interior turnkey company has this in mind. By a judicious selection of colours, wall papers, enhancement of lights, a complete new look can be achieved. To an outsider, it will appear as a new interior work. Not look as though it is only a make over!
We, at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, have come across such situations, and successfully achieved the desired results.
The false ceiling colours can be changed, the walls, if already paneled , can have wall Papper fixed on them. Brighter lights can replace old lights. Where ever possible, natural light should be allowed to come in. Green indoor plants give the desired ambiance. Who says that RENOVATION OF AN EXISTING OFFICE CANNOT MATCH A NEW ONE!

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