Renovation of an old office, is perhaps the most difficult task for any interior firm.The parameters are laid out, boundaries defined and the client hellbent in spending an absolute minimum, as it is ONLY A RENOVATION. We at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, fully understand and respect these parameters.The best way would be to ENHANCE the looks by changing the colours of the walls,introduce wall Papper , bright paints ,and make the premises brighter. Nothing like a bright cheerful office to help one forget the old one.In case of a new interior, it would be easier to do so.Bring in natural light, add greens an lo and behold, no would believe that it is the old office renovated! Work station laminated can be replaced without disturbing the internal structure or configuration . We at OFFICE EQUIPMENT have successfully carried out such renovations. indeed, it is a pleasure to see the smile on the clients face to see a totally renovated office yet retaining its original soul.

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