Changing Trends in Interiors

Changing trends in interiorsOur company, OFFICE EQUIPMENT, dealing in interior fit-outs started in 1975. Since then till now, interiors have seen radical changes in terms of interior elements, colors, Materials and total ambiance.

Gone are the days when colorful round glass balls with liquid in them and silver tassels were used extensively as paper weights! For that matter, papers less offices are more or less the norms.

Gone are the days when heavy wooden furniture, fully lacquer polished bespoke the power of the corporate honcho.

True, in some cases this has made a comeback, without standing results. The good old false ceiling was time tested but time and labor consuming made out of wooden rafters, wooden strips, covered with chicken Mesh wire and finally coated with plaster of Paris. Gypsum board? Never heard of it. Mineral fiber tiles, metal slats, never heard of them!
Electrical fittings, to save on cost consisted of wooden troughs, with tubes fitted in them and prismatic louvers below.

As time went by and multinationals started coming to the country, needs changed, shape of buildings changed it was but natural that the interiors changed too. Time become the essence of a contract , space value shot thru the roof, fancy materials flooded the market, so much so that the latest materials available abroad became available in India spontaneously.

This gave the much needed choice for interior designers and clients to experiment with newer Themes. These themes lead to a brighter (thanks to innovations in electrical fittings) young looking, and more amiable interiors.

Time which remains the essence of a contract took on a new meaning. Large office interiors in the shortest of time. Thanks to readymade pick and install partitions, work stations, and chairs. The grand old false ceiling gave way to mineral tiles, slats, and ready made gypsum boards, tiles etc.

However, creativity took a back seat with almost all offices looking alike!
Sprinkling of lacquer glass. Tile carpeting, combined with vitrified tiles, modular work stations, scanty use of wood and polish, generous use of glass.

The biggest advantage?
Time saved! Such interiors needed frequent painting, maintenance heavy, but the time saved perhaps outweighed everything.
Future of interiors?
Difficult to visualize.
One thing is for sure, what with the age of computers, more and more people are working from homes.
Interiors? Now it is for you to choose!!


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