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Important Vastu Tips for Your Office

In Indian culture, Vastu is an important aspect of prosperity. Whether it is a home, factory and even an office, Vastu dosh (errors) should be avoided. It is an ancient principles based on various energy fields originating from different directions that influence economic growth and atmosphere. Today’s corporate interior design companies in Delhi and other metropolitan cities are offering this unique service. From choosing the right plot to designing interior of an office, in all things Vastu is considered by these interior designers. They prepare to offer special Vastu tips from experts and turn a simple office into a magnificent one.

Below are some important Vastu guidelines to follow for your office.

Construction : When it comes to selection of a plot for your office, it should rectangular or square. More open space of your plot should be in the north or east direction. Heavy structure of the building should be in the west and the south directions as these are negative zones. Equal height building construction is considered. Northeast, north or east are ideal directions for the slope of your building floor. Avoid to place a water tank in northeast direction which is not good in terms of Vastu. You can choose southeast direction for the tank. The staircase in the centre is not an ideal choice from the point of Vastu. The staircase should be in western or southern direction.

Office Interior : According to the principal of Vastu, it is always good to choose northeast direction to place the reception desk so that your receptionist sits facing east or north direction. Make sure the reception area is in northwest or northeast direction of your building. In the northeast direction, don’t make the sitting area but to place decorative items or temple. In the south direction of you building, build the office manager cabin. The manager should face north and sitting arrangement should be in southwest. The desk of the office manager should be rectangular according to Vastu. Your office staff sitting direction should be east or north. The sitting arrangement for workers should be avoided under beam. If there is no any option, it is good to cover the beam with faux ceilings. The accessories like safe should face southeast direction as well as the office pantry in the same direction. Light colours are ideal choice for offices. Encouraging painting can be considered to create office atmosphere cool and productive.

Budget Office interior Guide to Follow

A complete office ambience enhancement is an expensive affair. But a few changes can create a big difference in an office appearance without taking your budget higher. It could be considered a smart move. Small companies that have restriction to spending more can able to think of budget office interior. Today, a large majority of small budget business owners are adopting partial changes in their office to enhance the look.

Here are some plans to change your office looks under your budget and smartly:

  • Use glass instead of wood or metal doors. A tinted or opaque glass can be used in the main door of your company. Glass doors provide contemporary looks.
    Wooden flooring can be considered instead of marble or tiles flooring. It saves your solid money that could spend in marble furnishings. Various types of wooden flooring options are available to choose from. Varieties in flooring allow you to choose the best and budget flooring.
  • It is not necessary that for wall painting you consider plastic paint. Normal distemper can be considered. Instead of playing with colour, you can think of white colour for all walls. A simple yet attractive looks can be achieved through white wall painting. It provides professional looks and creates an energetic environment.
    Instead of separating each employee working place through cubicles, plain long tables can be constructed that has plywood front coverage and separated with tinted glasses. It enhances one’s office looks and saves lots of money. The under budget office interior dream can be fulfilled with this idea.
  • No one is going to ask about how expensive your office photo frames. Display modern or traditional paintings that are shopped from your local market, instead of a big art gallery. Displayed of photo frames don’t say how expensive they are. It could be a smart idea to shop interior decorative pieces from your local market instead of shopping malls or from designers. This could save lots of money.
  • Instead of changing the entire sofa set of your front office premise, you can plan to change cover and cushion sets to give the front office a new look.

Hire a local interior designing team such as interior designers Delhi. Such designing teams are expert in designing a simple looking office to a contemporary one. They know how a small changes can create a big difference in the appearance. Various types of budget packages are offered by them to turn your office ambience attractive.

Office Interior Enhancement Secrets

If it is asked for the place where you spend quality time after your home, the answer would most probably your office. A vast majority of people are agreed with that point. An office is the place where spends thousands of hours. It is like your second home. Everyone wishes to have a nice office environment where they can work with relaxed mood and able to maintain professionalism.

When it comes to asking secrets for office interior enhancement. There are no such secrets. It is all gained with a little planning and investment. Creative planning is required to make and follow to find the best office interior that suits well to your budget and the standard of your company.

Before you plan for changing the appearance of your office, it is must to give a thought to the number of employees you want to accommodate in an office area, cubicles you want to feature, office wall colour, texture, flooring and ceilings. Interior designing books are available to get ideas. Sites of interior designing are also available to get top ideas.
Today, it is an ideal plan to contact an interior designer. Such companies are expert in designing offices as per one’s budget. They have an idea of office furnishings. They are mastered in providing your dream office interior. Due to having years of experience in designing, they can able to forecast about office interior expenses and can provide excellent guidance for getting customized interior decoration. The prime secret of today’s office enhancement is to renovating the room interior with the help of a reputed interior designing firm.

Go for online search to locate a well suitable designer. It is the fastest way to locate the desired designer of your town or city. Make your search online area specific to find out a specialist in the field for example, interior decorators in South Delhi etc… Area specific search on the net can provide fast and easy search convenience. Compare their deals and shortlist the one that can assure top class office ambience enhancement. With comparison of deals, it is important to go through their work samples. Reviews of the interior designing companies can be checked to notice the consumer’s point of views. Estimate your budget and ask space for negotiation. Keeping a few of these things in your mind and following them can enhance your office interior as the way you would like.