The role of colour iN INTERIOR DESIGN is almost the interior design itself! Many many years back the most experimental interior designer and client never went beyond a solid colour on any one wall, preferably the one most looked on, reception maybe. Or hang a couple of paintings and throw in plants to ADD COLOUR. This served the purpose to a limited extent and is still in vogue today, but not to add colour, only to create an effect.

we at OFFICE EQUIPMENT, have learnt that to really add colour without making it obvious is to work from flooring up. In one of my earlier blogs, I had mentioned that the colour and material of the flooring decides the rest of the INTERIORS. It was true then it is true now. There are carpet tiles, which can be mixed and matched. Maybe grey for walkways and Blue towards the sides.chairs could have a blue back ( knitted) . The work stations can have a touch of grey panels and blue fabric on pinup boards. This is what I meant by creating an ambiance of colour for an office, A colour themed office. Here the role of an INTERIOR DESIGNER IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. A sheer white ceiling is hurting to the eyes, add to it lights and the effect is worse. Try adding a touch of mushroom colour to the ceiling and voile! You change the entire ambiance! Most interior designers like to play with light to either add colour or highlight a painting.For example highlighting a cove in the ceiling with a yellow light is acceptable but using a track light with yellow lights to highlight a painting is a strict no no, if the general lighting is daylight! A mix of two colours in the same room( lighting) to me is garish and not acceptable, Paints like Oikos,on the other hand add colour and elegance to any INTERIOR DESIGN.

Then again the role of an interior designer cannot be over stressed. It is important to choose an INTERIOR DESIGN firm carefully too. The trend of using coloured lacquer glass, deck wooden flooring for interior walls, artificial grass on walls, scares me. After all we are designing an INYERIOR OF AN OFFICE , not a barbers shop or a toilet!

colours should be subtle not loud, pleasing and not crying for attention. No wonder then that colours are what INTERIOR DESIGN is all about,

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