Interior design, romantic era?

Yes, you read it correctly. In existence since 1975, OFFICE EQUIPMENT, a turnkey design and execution company has seen it all.

img_0887There was no auto cad. No photo shop. No 3D tools. All this was done on a drawing board, and not on a desk top.The creativity of the designer, his imagination dictated the boundaries of his creation.3d images were drawn by hand challenging the most creative designers. Rendering was done by hand, took ages. It was creation of interiors by the sweat of your brows literally. Furniture? No internet , nothing to plagiarize from. Nothing to cannibalize.

Each change suggested by the client was total redo ! The romance lay in getting it right the first time! Then came along modern tools, making interior designing easier, 3D presentations simpler.yet the final outcome is STILL the creativity of the designer. Work which took weeks earlier, now can be done in days. Making changes is no longer a hair tearing experience! No wonder now the biggest names in designers, hire younger designers but who are TOTALLY computer literate.

I wonder what next? Robots designing interiors ?

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